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What is Asteria?

What is Asteria?

Asteria is the Titan Greek goddess of shooting stars, the nighttime, and divination. Our love and exploration for tea stem from childhood memories of tea drinking amongst family; we all have connections to tea in our cultures. Tea is not just a drink for us but an emotional connection to ourselves and our identity.  Tea is not just a drink. It is a lifestyle choice, and embracing yourself is a lifestyle choice as well. 

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Tea is a drink that makes you stop and think; while you steep your tea, take the quiet time to stop and check in with yourself - truly feel the ringing of your heart. Then once the tea is steeped, you can make the tea however you want - how it represents you: milk, sugar, etc.  

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Asteria values authenticity and encourages embracing individual identity.​​   

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We aim to bring a new way of drinking tea - a nontraditional aesthetic tea drinking experience that brings a sense of satisfaction to each person.  

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Our name was brewed whilst our team was sitting in a local tea shop on Moon street in Hong Kong.  Many believe that whenever there's a shooting star in the sky, it's a gift from Asteria, and usually, upon seeing one, it is tradition to make a wish. 

With every sip of your tea, take a moment to reveal a true desire by making a wish and embracing your inner identity.   

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We are a tea brand representing Hong Kong.​ We want people to think of Asteria as something unique and different. ​Our mission is to bring tea to a younger generation, using it as a means of empowerment and promoting the message of embracing oneself without being apologetic. ​

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Our vision is to bring individuals closer to their true authentic selves through the journey of tea. We feel not enough people promote this message, but we know impacting one person is enough to make an impact.   

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Our Team


Tayseer Almattar

cat/ tea lover


Kristy Lai

matcha/ shiba lover


Tara Yau

mochi cake roll lover


Vicky Wong

​frog lover


dog lover

Tarinee Sharma


cat food lover

Fei Jai & Leng Mui


42 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Southern District, HK

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