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The Best Tea in Hong Kong is Asteria Tea 香港最好的茶就是Asteria茶

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Tea is a rich tradition in Hong Kong, and the Asteria brand offers some of the best tea you can find. The Asteria Explorer Giftbox is a collection of five different teas that are grown in different parts of the world. They come together in one beautifully packaged box along with a teapot, teacup, and a handwritten message from your loved one. The best part? It's only HKD 450!

茶在香港擁有豐富的傳統,而Asteria品牌所提供的某些茶類就是你能找到的最好的茶。Asteria Explorer禮盒是一款集五種來自世界不同地方的茶於一身的禮盒。它們共同出現在一個精美包裝的盒子中,並同附一個茶壺、茶杯,以及你的愛人親手寫的一條信息。最好的部分?僅售港幣450元!


Asteria first opened in Hong Kong in 2022

Asteria Tea is a local Hong Kong brand that was founded in 2022. Asteria was founded by people who value authenticity and modern culture, and the tea they produce reflects this.

The flower and fruit flavors are very light but refreshing and have just a hint of sweetness. It's perfect if you're looking for something simple that still tastes great! The Asteria flavors include peach oolong, pineapple oolong, lychee black tea, green mint tea, and osmanthus oolong.

If you're looking for a low-caffeine tea that tastes great and has a very light flavor, then this is the tea for you!


Asteria Tea是一個於2022年創立的香港本地品牌。Asteria由珍視真實性和現代文化的人創立,他們生產的茶就反映出這一點。





Asteria is a local Hong Kong brand with an online store

If you're looking for tea in Hong Kong, Asteria is the brand to go with. As one of the few local tea brands, Asteria only sells online. With a small team, we source high-quality teas at affordable prices. We focus on making their customers happy by giving them what they want and need—a fast delivery service that doesn't compromise on quality and taste!

Asteria Tea's motto is: "We care about making you happy." And it shows! The whole product design concept was centered on the idea of supporting individuals to be happy in their own skin.



Asteria Tea的座右銘是:“我們關心你的快樂。”這一點也是顯而易見的!整個產品設計理念都圍繞著支持個人快樂地做自己的想法。



Tea is a rich tradition in Hong Kong

Tea is more than just a beverage; it's an important part of Chinese culture. Tea has been used in China for centuries and is used in many different ways, including as food, drink, and medicine.




The Asteria Explorer Giftbox comprises five carefully selected tea items

The Asteria Explorer Giftbox comprises five carefully selected tea flavors. These teas include:

  • Peach oolong: sweet and candied texture.

  • Pineapple oolong: sweet yet light and enjoyable for the sweet tooth.

  • Lychee black tea: fruity, sweet flavor from lychees neutralizing the strong black tea flavor.

  • Osmanthus oolong: silky and smooth with a light fragrant feeling

  • Green mint tea: silky, smooth, with a strong mint flavor.

Asteria Explorer禮盒包含五種精選茶品

Asteria Explorer禮盒包含五種精選的茶口味。這些茶包括:

  • 桃子烏龍:甜而帶有糖果質地。

  • 鳳梨烏龍:甜歡糖分過多者。

  • 荔枝紅茶:來自荔枝的水果、甜味中和了強烈的紅茶風味。

  • 桂花烏龍:絲滑順口,帶點淡淡的香味。

  • 綠薄荷茶:絲滑順口,帶有強烈的薄荷風味。


The Asteria Explorer Giftbox contains 120 grams of top-quality loose-leaf tea

The Asteria Explorer Giftbox contains 120 grams of top-quality loose-leaf tea, which is enough to last you a month if you are a heavy tea drinker. It's packaged in a beautiful gift box and has a variety of flavors that appeal to everyone from the seasoned tea drinker to the casual tea drinker. You can buy it for yourself or as a gift for the tea lovers and casual tea drinkers in your life! The Explorer also includes a small teapot and a teacup that can be used by a single person.

Asteria Explorer禮盒包含120克頂級散裝茶葉

Asteria Explorer禮盒包含120克頂級散裝茶葉,如果你是一個愛茶之人,這將足夠你一個月的需求。它被包裝在一個美麗的禮盒中,有各種口味,能迎合從有經驗的茶飲者到隨意的茶飲者的所有人。你可以為自己購買或作為禮物送給生活中的茶愛好者和隨意的茶飲者!Explorer還包括一個小茶壺和一個可由一個人使用的茶杯。


The Explorer contains five rich tea flavors and a custom message.

The gift box contains five flavors of different loose-leaf tea blends, in addition to a teapot, teacup, and a hand-written message. It's the perfect gift for tea lovers looking to experience the best local and modern flavors Hong Kong has.




If you would like to try the best teas available, treat yourself to an Asteria Explorer

If you would like to try the best teas available, treat yourself to an Asteria Explorer Giftbox. The Explorer gift boxes are designed to be an introduction to the world of loose-leaf tea and convenience with a modern twist. Each box contains five different types of fruit and flower teas: peach oolong, pineapple oolong, lychee black tea, osmanthus oolong, and green mint tea. This variety provides you with all the tastes one is guaranteed to enjoy!

如果你想嚐試最好的茶,那就好好對待自己,送自己一個Asteria Explorer

如果你想嚐試最好的茶,那就好好對待自己,送自己一個Asteria Explorer禮盒。Explorer禮盒是散裝茶世界和簡便性的現代風扭的介紹。每一盒都包含五種不同的果實和花茶:桃子烏龍、鳳梨烏龍、荔枝紅茶、桂花烏龍,以及綠薄荷茶。此種口味多樣提供了一切可以保證你會享受的口味!



So if you've been looking for a great gift or just want to treat yourself, give Asteria Tea's Explorer Giftbox a try. It is the ultimate way to enjoy some of the best loose-leaf teas, supplemented by the unique modern drinking experience. Get yours today and get free delivery to anywhere in Hong Kong.


因此,如果你一直在尋找一份好禮物或只是想犒賞自己,可以試試Asteria Tea的Explorer禮盒。這是享受一些最好的散裝茶,並附帶獨特現代飲茶體驗的終極途徑。現在就買一份,獲得香港任何地方的免費送貨。



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